Essay About Datuk Nicol Ann David

Note: Congratulations to Yee Wen Huan for winning a in the dissertation writing competitiveness of SMK Desa Petaling in association of Hari Malaysia! Datuk Lee Chong Wei is a professional badminton person in Malaysia who are now living in Bukit Mertajam and he is born on 21 October 1982, so he's 31 years old this year while Datuk Nicol Ann David is really a Malaysian female qualified squash player and she exists on 26 July 1983 that is today 30 yrs old.

When she was 5 years previous, and recieved teaching at the age of 8 about the other-hand, Datuk Ann David enjoyed squash. She was expertise identified by Ee Hoon, who brought her to represent her property state-of Penang, along with her brother though training at the Bukit Dumbar Squash Centre.

Lee Chong Wei once stated that, I'm not battling for myself, by playing tennis but He demonstrates his patriotism. A few of the outstanding numbers are Datuk Chong Wei, Datuk Ann Mark and Datuk E. Raja Gopal. In his early decades Lee Chong Wei favoured hockey but because of his mom forbade him using this sport to learn badminton in the era of 11, his daddy brought him to lounge and he have attracted the eye of the nearby coach. 

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