Hospital Composition

Ing Salam Hospital

Prepared by: Prohibit Faisal, Mariam Riad, Nancy Mustafa, Mohamed Magdy 's Kady Well prepared for: Dr . Ahmed Dief

Date: January 10th, 2012

Table of Contents

Exec Summary: a couple of

Process Description at 's Salam Clinic: 2

Reservation Details: two

Reservation Process3

Evaluation and Analysis of Al Salam Hospital's Support: 4

Service concept and characteristics: some

Service Concept4

Target Market Section: 5

Unique Characteristics of the Service at Al-Salam: your five

The support package: 6

The Service's Strategic Observations: 7

Assistance delivery system: 9

Delivery system: on the lookout for

An open devices view of service: 10

Operating Technique and facing competition: 15

Operating Strategy10

Quality: 15

Competitive service strategies: 11

Strategic research for the service: Porter's five causes: 11

Assistance winners, Qualifiers and duds: 12

Services Winners12

Service Qualifiers: 12

Service duds: 12

Services firm competitiveness13

Managerial and Structural Service Design Elements: 13

Structural Elements: 13

Managerial Elements: 14

Taxonomy of Services Process: 14

Customer being a Co-Producer: 16

Design Considerations for Large Contact Providers: 16

Role of Technology and Information18

Competitive function of information: 18

Information Personal strength: 18

Limits of employing information19

Digital value chain improvements: 19

The Part of Technology at Al-Salam Hospital: nineteen

Walk Through Audit: twenty-one

SWOT Analysis for Approach Salam Medical center: 21

Concerns in the service: 22

Recommended Improvements: 23

Conclusion: 23

Appendix 125

Appendix 226

Appendix 327

Appendix 428

Appendix 530

Executive Synopsis:

This survey outlines the duties that were expected in the job description, and they are generally the following: * Description from the selected services

* The description and analysis in the four aspects that we selected * The Recommendations and Improvements

This kind of report traces the services delivery procedure at Al Salam Medical center in Mohandseen focusing on the out-patient clinic along with the evaluation of the service right now there. We visited the hospital several times and also enjoyed the part of individuals there. We all made reservations and were examined by simply several doctors (e. g. internal medicine doctor, headsets nose and throat, breasts and ophthalmology, …etc). We all also interviewed one of the doctors (cardiology) for the purpose of gaining additional information. We made a survey and evaluated some patients to see their evaluation with the service and just how it satisfies their belief. Based on our visits and the interview we all made we were able to gain enough information to evaluate the offered service and prepare our report. This kind of report was prepared by Prohibit Faisal, Mariam Riad, Nancy Mustafa and Mohamed Magdi Al Kady. Process Description at Ing Salam Clinic:

Al Salam Hospital has 2 complexes, the first one is situated on the primary street, is a hospital on its own, for surgical procedures, patient hospitalization and it includes the blood testing lab and x-rays. The 2nd building which can be located on a side road near to the primary building may be the out-patient treatment centers. The first step if you are examined with the hospital's Out-Patient Clinics, should be to select the preferred doctor, in line with the specialty and available instances. The patient can acquire the needed information throughout the hospital's site (, through the telephone or through personal inquiry with the hospital. Booking Details:

The person should after that make a reservation. The reservation may be made through the telephone or by going directly to the clinics' reception. This depends upon what doctor, a few doctors allow reservation throughout the telephone yet others only allow reservation to get done immediately at the out-patient clinic along with payment. If the sufferer is producing his reservation at the medical clinic, then they can make that on the same day time as the specified time or a few days ahead of time depending on the...


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