carrefour job Essay


Material: 1

Launch: 1

Economical Statements as well as its uses: two

Uses of financial statements3

1- A management tool3

2- Review of performance3

3- Decision making tool of economic institution: four

4- Benchmark for the competitors4

Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis of Carrefour4

Advantages: 5

The Carrefour group: a world head in distribution5

Coverage of Entire Consumer Groups5

Embrace Sales & Profitability Strategy5

Low Revenue from Populated/ Emerging Regions6

Declining in Profit-Margin Tendency 6

Dangerous of Debt and Downward Credit Rating7

Ratios: six

Gross profit margin percentage: 8

Net income rate Ratio: 8

Generating per discuss: 9

Return on investment Ratio: eleven

Return about Asset Ratio: 12

Come back on Collateral Ratio: 13

Conclusion: 14



In this survey we can summarise Carrefour's financial situation, with the use of their financial data presented within it is annual information. Carrefour H. A. is a French foreign hypermarket sequence supplying household goods and client goods. The S. A. stands for ‘Société Anonyme', which usually when actually translated means anonymous culture. But in British, this type of firm is more typically referred to as a community limited firm. The company begun in 1959 simply by Marcel Fournier, Denis Defforey and Jacques Defforey. Carrefour is the among the largest hypermarket chains on the globe but the second largest price tag group on the globe in terms of income and third largest in profit following Wal-Mart and Tesco. Carrefour operates generally in The european countries, Argentina, Brazil, China, Republic of colombia and in the Dominican Republic, but even offers shops in North The african continent and other regions of Asia. European hypermarkets are the cause of 70% of Carrefour's total sales. The organization currently runs four primary grocery store types: hypermarkets, supermarkets, hard low cost and grocery stores.

The Carrefour group currently provides over 15, 500 retailers, either company-operated or franchises and utilizes more than 490, 000 persons. Coincidently, the first Metissage store opened up on 06 3, 1959, in suburban Annecy, near a crossroads. Today, Melange offers more than 3, seven hundred organic products in its hypermarkets around the world. The company helps local suppliers, with some 90-95% of the items on it is shelves procured locally, depending on the country. Carrefour's strategy is " The Carrefour group has one easy ambition: making Carrefour the preferred retailer where ever it runs. ” This tactic means obtaining the trust of shoppers: trust in product quality, price and services. It means to be able to satisfy and anticipate customer needs which is proven true as with France only, Carrefour has 12 million loyalty card-holders. Carrefour gives online shopping in several of the countries from which this operates including a wide selection of providers - just like home delivery and in-store or in-warehouse collection -- are available to customers. Because Carrefour is known as a retailer, their most common products are food products, including petrol, biscuits, milk, pasta, fruits, vegetables, meats, fish in addition to a variety of snack foods. A brand under the Carrefour label named ‘Tex', which is part of its hypermarket segment, is definitely modernizing their identity and image, supplying clothing for all lifestyle needs, including city, casual, sportswear and maternal lines. Melange offers an array of products for preparing foods, including a good assortment of clean produce and a butcher's department. Carrefour is engineered to meet the needs of any highly cellular urban clientele with two main areas: ready-to-eat companies daily products. The solid points of the assortment range from the presence of major brands, a particular focus on local food brands, and the advancement ethnic and imported assortments to match the lifestyles and realities of the population these days. The company is very committed to its staff, as in 2007, 116, 000 workout sessions were held, representing 730, 500 hours of...

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