Nursing Functions Essay

Nursing Functions & Values

Casey Johnson, RN

NVT2 ~ Activity 2

American Governor's College or university

May 2013

First Interview

Western Governors University

Nursing Program

Interview Form

Prospect name: Jaclyn Dunn, REGISTERED NURSE

Prospect ID quantity:

Name and title from the interviewee: Ellie Goff, REGISTERED NURSE MSN

Describe the specialty area of the interviewee: The hospice Clinical Overseer The interviewee belongs to the following category:



Clinical Expert

Staff Nurse

Nurse Specialist

Date of interview: Apr 18, 2013


Through phone: By

1 ) How do you describe the role in the current situation and your educational preparation with this role? " Being a Experts trained doctor allows me to attain advanced level positions in the field of study I enjoy. I have command and educational nursing jobs experience obtained through the BING program along with my personal medical experience within hospice. It is my work to hire healthcare professionals and ensure they are really properly skilled and set to be successful within our organization. I also have the skills and expertise needed to determine potential people and decide whether they fulfill criteria. Once we've accepted the patient, We am in charge of placing that patient over a team which i fell best fits that people individual needs. ” 2 . How would you describe the unique input you as a nurse provide for an interdisciplinary crew? " I really believe we all have something unique to bring for the team, but once I would be to focus on my personal skills and attributes, I might say I use the training and knowledge necessary to assess and treat the clients all of us serve. Staying the medical director in this office enables me to be able to hire and supervise breastfeeding staff that I feel have the skills necessary to ensure each of our patients and families are cared for in the best possible method. ”| 3. How might you describe the first role of the specialty to promote quality results for people? " As being a Clinical Movie director for the hospice means We am the manager in the entire crew. I are responsible for most disciplines and the quality of work, as well as, getting responsible for just about every patient confessed to our services. I need to make sure my healthcare professionals have the skills and teaching necessary to accumulate facts and care for patients based upon what is presented. I actually utilize my own active listening skills with each patient assessment, and, relying on the assessment abilities of the personnel nurses that interact with sufferers each day. ” | 4. How offers nursing study improved or changed a particular aspect of affected person care inside your specialty location? " I do believe nursing exploration continues to change the way everyone practices remedies. In regards to the hospice, I think your research provides us with important information had to ensure the patients are supplied with the best treatment and medications needed to give comfort throughout their final trip. ” a few. How do you assist in patient-centered care in your practice? " Anything we do in hospice is patient centered on a daily basis. Most of the consumers we provide are possibly living in their particular homes or stuck in a job nursing service. We concentrate all of our attention on the affected person we are browsing in that moment. This provides one-on-one care and attention and offers us a chance to assess the prepare of treatment and help to make changes when needed” 6. How can be cost hold addressed within your specialty area? " Our company is constantly monitoring our spending. We depend on reimbursement by Medicare and Medicaid; you will discover strict guidelines on the quantity of permitted reimbursement from the government for each and every patient dished up. If we usually are conscience on this, we won't be reimbursed and would sooner or later be forced to close our doors. ” several. How offers your specialised area resolved the demands of underserved patients and populations? " We have social workers and chaplains in service which might be trained in readily available community resources. They work very hard to ensure our sufferers and their families all receive the proper tools and speak to...


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