Petai Dissertation



In the world of vegetation, petai plants can be labeled in the relatives Leguminosae (Mimosaceae). Petai clinical name can be parkia speciosa. Petai generally grow with all the height of 5-25 metres and varieties a lot of branching. Portion of the petai that is most importantВ is the seedling. Petai may be eaten uncooked as a fresh vegetable, boiled, fried or maybe baked. Petai is also traditionally used as food flavoring. It is very popular in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and in addition Laos. Parkia speciosa is very similar with long beans with bright green beans inside. The shape is similar with cashew shape. Petai is sold in numerous forms just like sold in bunches, in pods, seeds or petai seed that are crammed in plastic material bag and some even sold in the form of pickles and the form of frozen. Studies by Malaysian Agricultural R and d Institute [MARDI] indicated petai has a very good amino acid account, particularly important amino acids. Vital amino acids maintain blood sugar and energy level stability. They are had to produce human hormones, enzymes, muscle groups, tissues, bone fragments and collagen. Essential proteins also assist the process of metabolic rate in human's body andfacilitates the function of the central nervous system (CNS)

Parkia Speciosa Nutrition Components

Parkia speciosa containsВ nutrientsВ that are good intended for health and a few of them are Supplement A, M complex, C, Potassium, Magnesium (mg), phosphorus, straightener and dietary fiber.


Advantages of Parkia Speciosa

Parkia speciosa contain 3 natural sugars -sucrose, fructose and blood sugar combined with fibers, it provides an immediate, sustained and boost the strength. Research has proved that with two helpings of parkia speciosa give sufficient energy for a exhausting 90-minute work out. No wonder parkia speciosa may be the number one veggie with the planet's leading sportsmen. Nevertheless, parkia speciosa can help people to keep fit as it can also help to overcome or perhaps prevent significant number of ailments and conditions. The benefits of parkia speciosa are:

в–Є Depressive disorder

In respect to a latest survey taken on by BRAIN among the people suffering from major depression, many felt much better after eating parkia speciosa. This is because it has tryptophan, a form of protein that the body turns into serotonin known to make people relax, boost their mood and usually makes persons feels more content.

в–Є Low blood count

Parkias peciosa contains large iron and in addition can stimulate the production of red blood cells.

в–Є Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Parkia speciosa contains substantial calcium although low in sodium, so it is great for reducing blood pressure.

в–Є Strokes

According to research in " The New England Journal of Medicine, ” ingesting parkia speciosa as part of a regular diet can trim the risk of loss of life by strokes by as much as 40%"

в–Є PMS(premenstrual syndrome)

The vitamin B6 in this regulates blood sugar levels which will affect disposition.

в–Є The brain's potential

High in calcium can help boost the brain's capability to learn.

в–Є Constipation

Parkia speciosa consists of high fibers to restore regular bowel actions.

• Insect bites, itchiness, and inflammation

It can use for rub the affected area of bites using the skin of parkia speciosa

• Cigarette smoking

Parkia speciosa also can help people planning to give up on smoking cigarettes. Vitamin B6 and B-12, as well as calcium supplement and magnesium (mg) contained in parkia speciosa help the body recover from the effects of pure nicotine.

• Tension

Potassium in it can help to normalize the heartbeat, delivers oxygen for the brain and regulates body's water harmony. When people are stressed, all their metabolic rate soars and therefore reduce the potassium levels. These can become rebalanced by making use of a high-potassium parkia speciosa snack.

• Temperature control

Many other civilizations see parkiaspeciosa as a " cooling" beans that can reduce both...


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